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Nothing More to Tell



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"What a sly and crafty collection of stories Nothing More to Tell is. Its protagonists are, in the main, men as much spooked by the future as they are flummoxed by the past. Theirs is a present gone crosswise with small wishes and fading possibilities, the world at once predictable and unsettled. Bless this tribe, for it is in sore need of forgiveness and hope. And bless George Dila for having the talent and the courage to say so."

              Lee K. Abbott, author of All Things, All at Once

“George Dila’s plain-spoken narrators navigate grief, guilt, criminal activity, marriage, and love in all its fickle forms. Dila guides us wisely around gentle curves and hairpin turns, through downtown Detroit and small lakeside towns. These stories are funny, perplexing, and heartbreaking. And as in life, the important lessons are hard won.”

              Bonnie Jo Campbell, author of Once Upon a River

“With prose pared down and pulsing alive, and characters so compassionately misbegotten that I found myself rooting them on in virtually every sentence. Visceral and graceful both – as is the hard telling of all honest fiction that matters and lasts – George Dila’s stories do their job: they call us in and then hold our full and best attention.”

              Jack Driscoll, author of The World of a Few Minutes Ago



The Stars, the Galaxies, and All That


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A NOVEL OF OBSESSION, deceit, delusion, murder, suicide, black holes, lust and love, told with drama and humor.

After living in the Detroit area for nearly thirty years, carpet salesman Lawrence “Lucky” Lesinski returns to Thompsonburg, the town of his youth in Western Michigan, to clean up his family’s affairs. After selling the old family home and collecting on his father’s retirement of which he was the beneficiary, Lucky is anxious to leave Thompsonburg again and get on with his life, with his tidy little nest-egg. But his attempts to leave the town of his youth are frustrated again and again by a series of events over which he seemingly has no control, including the possible love of Winifred, a 60-year old blind clairvoyant. Ambushed by his past and besieged by the present, Lucky must face a terrible family secret before he can get on with his life.